Business Automation – Toolkit

KEAP - Our go to CRM

This is the CRM we tend to recommend in most cases because it has all the functionality that most businesses require and is  easy to use.

Canva - Image Design Tool

A really user friendly app that allows you to design images for websites, emails, and social media post.  Paid version also gives you the option of scheduling posts

Social Pilot - Social Media Scheduler

This is the scheduler that works with most platforms, is easy to use, and affordable

Click up - Project Management

Intiuitive software that keeps you in controll of your projects. The free version gives you most of the features you’ll need.

Lucidchart - Online planning tool

A visual approach to planning. You can share whiteboards and use templates included to plan your processes.

Zapier - Connect your Systems

This allows you to connect up all your systems, including most of those in the toolkit. Helps you get your systems  cooperating

Loom - Screen Recorder

An easy to use tool that records your screen and webcam.  A link is created soyou can share your video.

Office 365 - Productivity Tools

A package of productivity tools.

Google Docs

A great free option with a load of functionality.

Keap Academy - Training Material

The resources that guides you through the effective use of Keap

Accessally - Membership and Course Software

A WordPress plugin that builds a membership or course site linked to your CRM

Last Pass - Password Keeper

Store your usernames and passwords securely.

Fix your Funnel - Useful addons for your CRM

Additional resources for your CRM

Plus This - More functionality for your CRM

Add-on library of 50+ features including SMS,  Facebook Syncing, Countdown Timers, A/B Split Testing and more.

Sendclick - SMS functionality for your CRM

Send SMS to your contacts triggered by automations.